7 October 2015

About us

The Edinburgh Napier Law Clinic is a voluntary organisation aiming to provide free legal advice and assistance. We help those citizens of Edinburgh, who do not qualify for legal aid or need to make a significant contribution towards the legal cost, which they cannot afford to pay.

The clinic is established and run by law students from Edinburgh Napier University. They have all  passed appropriate training which will enable them to provide legal assistance in the areas of employment, housing and consumer contract. There are also a number of experienced professionals who will be volunteering their time in supervising the students and the clinic’s activities.

It is our belief that the clinical education is essential for law students because it will not only improve their problem-solving abilities, but will also provide them with a direct client contact at the very beginning of their professional development.

One of the clinic’s main objectives is to broaden the concept of access to justice. In our view, in order to be effective the access to justice shall be conceived more broadly than just access to the lawyers and courts.  We believe that the law clinics fit well this purpose, by supporting people in need with legal assistance.

The clinic is supported and funded by Edinburgh Napier University.

If you have any further questions or enquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.