Edinburgh Napier Law Clinic Featured in Parliament!

We’re very flattered and proud to have had our work mentioned by Joanna Cherry QC MP during a Westminster Parliamentary debate on public legal education!

“The Edinburgh Napier law clinic is in my constituency. Edinburgh Napier University is a relatively recent deliverer of legal education in Scotland, but I am proud to say that staff and students have set up a voluntary clinic to provide free legal advice and assistance. We have a considerably more generous legal aid scheme in Scotland than in England and Wales, but nevertheless people fall through the cracks, and they can benefit from law clinics such as the one established by Edinburgh Napier University. One of the clinic’s main objectives is to broaden the concept of access to justice, and that is really what this debate is about, at least in part. Public legal education is about educating people and giving them access to justice.”

Read the debate in the Hansard: https://hansard.parliament.uk/Commons/2018-05-15/debates/C71C9E06-36D0-4EDE-B732-F2645A73BE83/PublicLegalEducation