7 October 2015

Our services

We handle problems in the following broad areas of the law:

Employment Law

In this area we cover the employer-employee relationship and any potential legal problems  which might arise. These include: disputes with the employer, pay entitlements, dismissal, disciplinary procedure ,and other related matters.

Housing Law

In this area we address any legal problems arising from tenancy agreements. We offer advice on a number of issues, which include: disputes over tenancy agreements, tenants’ rights, as well as problems with deposits.

Please note, that we do not provide advice on Housing Benefit and related matters. We are also unable to offer any advice on issues concerning the selling and buying of heritable property.

Consumer Contract Law

This is our broadest area of practice,  covering consumer issues relation to: buying and/or leasing of products and related activities. We also provide advice on consumer protection, especially in respect of problems connected with the quality of purchased products.

If you are uncertain whether we can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will attempt to answer any queries promptly.

Please be aware that the Clinic operates for the benefit of members of the public, who are unable to afford legal advice and do not qualify for support from the Scottish Legal Aid Board.

At the initial stage of your case you will be asked to complete a legal aid calculation through the Scottish Legal Aid Board calculator. We advise you to do so before you contact us.